RockShox - FAQs

What's done during a TF Tuned service?

Before any service work is carried out the fork is cleaned & hand dyno'd to check its operation. It's then stripped & all oil seals/o-rings are removed prior to cleaning the individual parts in a chemical bath. Once cleaned & dried the parts are inspected, and lower bushings are checked for fit, and resized if necessary. Next, we fit new Rockshox seals, o-rings wipers and foams. Then we assemble everything in accordance with the Rockshox/TF Tuned procedures, put oil in the important places & on air forks, set the pressure to match rider weight & preference. Next we do a leak test on air forks before hand dyno'ing it to check all the adjusters do what they're meant to do.

Why should I consider coil conversion?

On 2-step forks:

Due to the complexity of the 2-step system, it can be difficult to maintain optimum performance on some forks. Conversion to coil improves reliability and gives a better small-bump ride, whilst only increasing the weight by around 20-30 grammes. On U-Turn coil conversions, you still keep travel adjustment.

On Solo Air forks:

The air piston on Solo Air forks must move up and down, around 1mm on the air shaft, to allow the positive air to balance the negative air at top of the stroke. Without this balancing of positive and negative air the fork would feel harsh and have a very poor small bump ride. This air piston movement is what you can feel and cannot be removed,  this movement also contributes to failure of the balance o-ring, which makes the fork feel very harsh. Coil conversion offers a much smoother, 'clunk' free small-bump ride, and removes the problems of reliability.

Boxxer - FAQs

What's done during 'TF Tuning' of '06-'08 Boxxer Team & World Cup

Working with TF Tuned-sponsored riders, we have come up with a number of options to optimize the function of the high-speed compression shim stack. These modifications remove the high-speed spiking whilst maintaining good low to mid-speed compression to resist brake dive. We also have a little trick on the rebound to remove the annoying 'knock' some forks experience as they go from compression to rebound. In addition we address the 'self-adjusting rebound' experienced on many forks. Whilst working on the fork we change all the oils to fully-synthetic racing fluids and size the bushings (if necessary) to make the fork smoother over small bumps and to maximize the performance of the chassis.

Why can't you TF Tune my '06-'08 Boxxer Race?

The difference between the Boxxer Race and the other '06-'08 Boxxer models is that it doesn't have an adjustable flood gate or a high-speed compression shim stack. On the other models, we can TF Tune these to remove high-speed spiking and resist brake dive. If you wanted these modifications, an option would be to upgrade your Race to Team internals. However, if you just get your Boxxer Race serviced by us we can still make several improvements as part of the job. We can remove the rebound 'knock' as it shuttles between compression and rebound, address the 'self-adjusting rebound' experienced on many forks, change all the oils to fully-synthetic racing fluids and size the bushings (if necessary) to make the fork smoother on small bumps and maximize the performance of the chassis.

Can I fit Motion Control in pre '06 Boxxers?

You can add Motion Control damping to any Boxxer from '03 & dump all the plastic! (No more rebound failures).  If you have a '03 or '04 Boxxer it will have 7" of travel & '05 keeps 8". If you want 8" on '03/'04 then you need to add '08 lower leg assemblies. When we fit the new TF Tuned Motion Control we will also change all the oils to fully synthetic racing fluids, fit the appropriate spring for your weight/style, size the bushings to maximize the performance of the chassis & fit new seals to keep it running sweet all season long. All this for £250 (excluding lowers if required on pre '05 forks)

Can I fit Titanium springs in 7" Boxxers & how much weight will I save?

You can fit the '05 8" Titanium springs to all models of 7" Boxxers with the aid of a new spacer kit & machining of the compression side spring perch (the 8" springs are 30mm longer & 1-2mm less internal diameter than 7"). If you order a set of Ti springs for your 7" Boxxer we will supply the spacer kit & machine your damper for free. Total weight saving is around 200 grams depending on which spring rate you are running.

What issues can TF Tuning of 2010 Boxxers resolve?

All 2010 Boxxers suffer from several build/design issues from the factory. We've been working on solutions to these issues to help you get the best from your forks.

  • Knocking when the fork goes from compression to rebound - this is the most common issue, and needs to be addressed by working on both the damping, and the spring/air components of the fork. Here at TF tuned, we perform up to 9 separate modifications to remedy all of these problems.
  • Fork feels tight/stiff, or has unreasonably high stiction - a little love and lube needs applying to various bushings and seals inside the fork to get a silky smooth operation.

After working on your fork, we reassemble it, putting racing lube in all the right places, and setting the damping circuits to best match your style of riding. We will also advise on spring selection on both Race and Team models. All modifications and details of the service will be included on the service record we send you, so you can always find a good base setting to start fine-tuning from.

Can 2010 the Boxxer Race be upgraded to Team?

Yes it can, but it is a very expensive task. You need new high and low speed adjustable compression and rebound assemblies with their associated adjusters. As these parts retail in excess of £430, it is better to buy a Team model in the first place.


Lyrik  & Totem - FAQs

The small-bump ride is very harsh from new. What could be the problem?

Your fork lowers may have tight bushings which was quite common on '07 Lyriks. They simply won’t “bed in” as is commonly believed & the bushes need re-sizing. This process involves changing the shape of the bush within the lower leg, to fit the stanchions better and prevent binding when the leg is passed through. Using a combination of special tools and our experience, we can size your bushes for some slick, stiction free action. During a service we always re-size bushings, where necessary. If your fork becomes harsh over time, there is probably dirt inside and time for a service.

My 2-Step fork doesn't extend fully or have the quoted travel options. What's up?

The 2-Step system can malfunction very easily as there are many o-rings and seals that must all be in perfect condition for it to work. If you want a fork that is reliable and works better in all situations, your best option is to convert it to coil!

My Solo Air fork has a slight knock at the top of the stroke, why?

The air piston on Solo Air forks must move up and down, around 1mm on the air shaft, to allow the positive air to balance the negative air at top of the stroke. Without this balancing of positive and negative air the fork would feel harsh and have a very poor small bump ride. This air piston movement is what you can feel and cannot be removed completely. During a service we reduce it as much as it possible by fitting the latest modified air piston plus a few other things...


Pike, Reba & Revelation - FAQs

The small-bump ride is very harsh from new. What could be the problem?

If you have a Dual Air or Air U-Turn fork, first ensure that the negative pressure is equal to, or up to 10psi more than, the positive pressure. If it’s still harsh, your fork lowers may have tight bushings. These will never free up during use and will need to be re-sized. During service, we always re-size bushings where necessary to get a smooth function. If your fork becomes harsh over time, there is probably dirt inside and it’s time for a service.

During high-speed repetitive bumps, my fork feels harsh. Why is this?

If you have the rebound speed nice and slow for the first 50mm of travel, it will be too slow when you go deep into the travel, and the fork can’t return quickly enough. The only remedy is to have the PUSH Factory Tuning system, as this has a high-speed shim stack which allows the fork to return quicker deep in the stroke, giving a much better response and feeling of more travel.

Can the leak from the top of my Motion Control be fixed?

Yes. During service we replace the Motion Control compression assembly seals with the improved, modified version.

Is it possible to convert my remote lock-out to manual?

Yes. Manual knob kits are available and we can fit them and remove the Motion Control compression assembly return spring during a service.

Is it possible to fit a remote lock-out on my fork?

Yes. To do this requires a Poploc or Pushloc lever assembly, cable and remote Motion Control knob kit. The return spring needed is not available separately and is only available as part of a complete Motion Control assembly. However, if you send your fork into us for service and remote lock-out, we will fit the return spring at the same time.

When I alter the negative air pressure in my air fork, there's oil at the valve. How can I stop this?

The oil is lube from the air chamber which collects at the bottom of the fork during use. To prevent the oil weeping, simply tip the fork upside-down before checking/altering the negative air pressure.

My U-Turn air fork leaks oil from under the U-Turn adjuster cap. What's this?

This only occurs when the bike is upside-down or on its side, when the lube from the lowers escapes through the top. During service, we fit a modified O-ring to reduce this significantly.

My U-Turn air fork knocks slightly, what is this?

There’s play in the travel adjust helix. A small amount of play is necessary because if it was tight you wouldn’t be able to turn it, however this can cause a knock. During service, we reduce this as much as possible but it can never be completely eliminated.

When I take the pump off, I hear air escaping and when I put the pump back on, the pressure reading is lower. Is my fork leaking?

No. When you remove the pump after setting to your desired pressure, the air from the pump escapes (not the air from your fork). Similarly, when you re-engage the pump, pressure from the fork goes into the pump, thus reducing the pressure in your fork. (There’s a greater drop in pressure in the negative side, as this is a smaller chamber.) When you take the pump off, the reading you see is the pressure that’s in your fork. Occasionally, however, a pump or valve may be faulty.

My Pike coil fork feels soft. What can I do?

The standard spring fitted in these forks is a Medium, which is suitable for a rider weight of 65-75kg, all kitted up. If you’re over this, you’ll need a Firm or X-Firm spring. If you’re over 100kg, you’d be better to consider an air fork as the X-Firm won’t be suitable for extreme riding.

My upper tubes are showing signs of wear near the seals. Is this serious?

As the wiper seal isn’t sealing against a good, smooth surface, dirt and water get pulled in, damaging the seals on the way past. Eventually, the fork will leak oil and, in extreme cases, the upper tubes can fail. There’s no point fitting new seals on this worn surface, so the only cure is to the replace the crown/steerer/upper tube (CSU) assembly. Prevention is better than cure, so be sure to remove and lube the lowers every 50 hours, and have the fork serviced regularly.


How can I get 80mm of travel from my SL/Race/Team/World Cup?

All '01-'07 SID forks when set to '80mm' travel are lucky to achieve 68-70mm. A small internal mod can sort this to give a minimum of 78mm on '01/'02 SID's & 80mm+ on '03-'07. Just ask for full travel as part of the standard service & we'll sort it at no extra charge

My 2K/'01 SID XC rebound adjuster is jammed what's the cure?

The plastic adjusting needle in the middle of the Hydra Air damper can swell after a year or two making the rebound impossible to adjust. As a fix you can have a new damper (expensive) or allow us to 'fix' the port volume to match the correct rebound speed for your weight. We then fill the damper with 10 wt oil so if you don't agree with our setting you can speed it up or slow it down by changing to a thicker or thinner oil. We don't charge any extra for this it's part of the standard SID service