Why don't TF Tuned service Stance & Splice forks?

There are some recurring problems with the lower end forks that we haven't been able to resolve in a way that meets our standards, plus the cost of a service versus the cost of a new fork is not usually economic

Why don't TF Tuned service IT (Infinite Travel) equipped forks?

Do you get that sinking feeling on your IT fork? It's due to the air leaking between chambers and despite working many upgrades we have again been unable to prevent the problem recurring so can't guarantee the work.

Why is the lock-out not working?

If you have ridden over bumpy ground with the fork locked-out it may have caused one of two seals to fail at the base of the stanchion. The oil now trapped between the upper stanchion and the lower tube will cause a hydraulic lock which results in a loss of travel. If the fork is within warranty, take it back to the place you bought it from. If not, it's time to get it repaired, although on lower-end models, it may be worth considering a new fork.

My '04 SPV fork seams a little harsh on small bumps - what can be done?

Some '04 SPV forks (Minute, Black, Skareb & Sherman) can be a little harsh over small bumps due to the high level of low speed compression & seal stiction. Manitou have recognised this & for later models they reduced the platform threshold by 20-30% and eliminated most of the seal stiction. We can upgrade any '04 SPV to the '05 SPV Evolve (See below)

Can my '04 SPV fork be upgraded to '05 SPV Evolve?

By machining the SPV piston to accept a glide ring, plus a few porting modifications, we can bring your '04 SPV bang up to date. Combine this with a service & your fork will run silky smooth over the small stuff but still have enough platform to resist pedal bob & maintain the SPV cornering characteristics.

Why does my SPV damped fork knock when pushing up and down?

The SPV has failed. It is a pneumatic piston which opens and closes on compression and rebound. When the SPV fails, it fills up with oil instead of air which means it cannot close, which results in no compression or rebound damping. This causes a knock when pushing up and down and you will need to replaced the SPV to resolve it.

Why has my Sherman lock-down stopped working?

If the internal mechanism hasn't broken your lockdown probably just needs re-clocking.

  • Remove the adjuster knob on top with a 2mm allen key.
  • Remove the top cap with a 20mm socket 
  • You will see a bit of aluminium hex sticking out from the top of the spring. Pinch this with a pair of needle nose pliers. 
  • Lift the spring up and drop it back down until it's seated. 
  • Turn the hex clockwise a tiny bit and it should spring back on release of the pliers after a little turn. This is the unlocked (max travel) position. 
  • Mark the forward face of the aluminium hex with marker pen. 
  • Now re-install the 20mm hex cap (note, this will spin the little aluminium hex, don't worry). Tighten the top cap then turn the marker pen or scored face anti-clockwise until it is forward facing again. 
  • Check to see if it works with the adjuster then re-install the adjuster knob.

My left hand wiper keeps popping up on my air forks, why is this?

The seal keeps popping up due to an air leak into the lower fork assembly. It can be due to any number of things. The finish of the air tube can be inconsistent allowing air to bypass the air piston and fill up the lowers. Or the piston has scored the air tube whilst in use and this too can cause a leak. If your fork is still in warranty, return the fork to the store you bought it from. It will need a replacement CSU (crown/ steerer/ upper). If your fork isn't in warranty the CSU can cost £90 to £180, depending on model.

Why do my forks feel really harsh when deep into the travel?

Almost all manufacturers have varying problems with this. The reason is normally tight bushes. Bushes are fixed to the lower legs and allow the stanchions/upper legs to slide through. Tight bushes will cause a binding sensation when halfway through the travel. They simply won't 'bed in' as is commonly believed but actually need re-sizing. This process involves changing the shape of the bush within the lower leg to fit the stanchions better, and prevent binding when the leg is passed through.

Why has the rebound stopped working on my 06/07 TPC or Intrinsic damped fork?

The rebound check shim has jammed and is stuck open. This is why the fork feels like a pogo stick, with no rebound and little compression damping. We can prevent this by modifying the area to prevent this happening in the future.

My pre '02 Fork gets very stiff during muddy rides - what's up?

Prior to the '02 model year the wiper seal, with or without the mini boot, wasn't good at keeping mud or water out of the fork. As soon as dirt/water enters the lower assembly the bushing stiction will increase dramatically as the grease loses its lubricating qualities. By fitting Evil Genius seals, which are way better at keeping the muck out and semi oil bathing the fork we can help it a long and silky smooth operation.

How do I tighten my Hexlock correctly?

  • Insert the axle so that the larger end is flush with the fork casting then tighten the pinch bolts holding the small end of the allen key.
  • Insert the end cap with the 6mm allen key. This will pull the legs onto the hub. 
  • When you can screw no more, tighten the rest of the allen key pinch bolts. (Holding the small end of the allen key.)