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TF Tuned

Bicycle and Mountain Bike Suspension Servicing

TF Tuned is Europe's leading independent mountain bike suspension specialist based in the UK. We focus on highly individual servicing with a reserve-booking system that means a fast turnaround and the minimum downtime for you - normally, you need only be without your suspension for 3 working days. The business was established in 2004 and now services, tunes and repairs over 6,000 forks and shocks a year.

Our 8 full time technicians have over 40 years experience of servicing and tuning suspension between them and each specialises in at least one of the brands we fettle.

We are the only company in Europe that offers PUSH custom tuning, an option that allows us to create a suspension performance that's personalised just for you. We also offer tuning upgrades from FAST Suspension and Vorsprung. To book a service or for more information contact us today on 01373 826800 or use the' book a service' option on our homepage.

New Suspension Fork and Shock Sales

TF Tuned sell a large range of new suspension forks and shocks from leading brands including RockShox, Fox and Cane Creek.

Every fork and shock sale includes a full check with one of our technicians setting up your new suspension for you and your riding style. Our independence means you'll receive an unbiased opinion, and we will do our very best to recommend the best product for you and your budget.

Suspension Parts and Maintenance

TF Tuned also sell a wide range of bicycle and mountain bike suspension parts and maintenance products to keep your suspension running sweet. We stock parts from all of the main suspension manufacturers.

If you can't find what you need in our shop then just give us a call on 01373 826800


We pride ourselves on providing honest, unbiased advice to help you understand your servicing, tuning and upgrade options so that you can make the choice that best suits your needs. We are all mountainbikers and make a point of not trying to upsell you stuff you won't benefit from, or that does not provide good value to you. Occasionally we make mistakes - we're only human - however on the rare occasions when we do get it wrong, we work as hard as we can to correct the situation and put things right.

Ian 'The Boss' Kennedy

Ian is TF Tuned’s boss. Since buying the business in March 2009 Ian has transitioned seamlessly from relative suspension newbie to passionate suspension enthusiast happy to chat ‘leverage ratios’ and ‘instantaneous motion rates’ with the best of them! Ian is also a veritable numbers expert and can frequently be found buried deep in Excel spreadsheets … although he mostly making sure we don’t overspend on coffee and cake! Ian rides a Lapierre full-suss and a carbon On-One hardtail both still in 26” wheel flavour, as well as a flashy Cannondale road bike for commuting duties.

Ian rides: Fox Float 36 PUSHed; Fox Float CTD PUSHed + Evol can upgrade

For all business related queries – speak to Ian

'Dyno' Dave Whitemore

Dave is now officially TF’s ‘old timer’ as he’s been fixing suspension for so long that he’s had time to forget more about suspension than most people will ever know. It’s fair to say that Dave’s suspension knowledge is encyclopedic which makes him the ‘go to’ person for anything vaguely retro! Dave has stuck steadfastly to his 26” wheel heritage and rides a beautifully kept ‘old skool’ Turner 5 Spot.

Dave rides: Fox Float 36 PUSHed; Monarch Plus

For questions about Cane Creek Shocks and Fox Forks – speak to Dave

Paul 'are we nearly there yet' Byrom

Paul is an expert fettler and fixer of all things suspension related. His multiple years of industry experience mean that nothing ever fazes him or stops him getting the job done! Paul was probably born on two wheels as he’s always riding - whether it’s commuting on the old Paddywagon, ripping it up off road aboard his beautiful Kingdom Hex, or going really fast on his pride and joy ‘Wilma the motorbike’.

Paul rides: PUSH Industries ElevenSix; Pike RCT3 coil converted; DT Swiss ODL

For questions about PUSH Industries and Fast Suspension upgrades – speak to Paul

'MuzBuz' Murray Roe

Murray is the workshop creative, ever curious and always the first to dismantle and test any new product to see how good it really is. Just don’t go asking him to read any instructions! Murray is pretty handy on a bike with a background in BMX and DH that has translated perfectly into the riding that we now call ‘enduro’. If he decides to race then he can usually secure a top ten place on his super bling Transition Patrol – think ‘stealth’ bike complete with custom anodised parts, of course.

Murray rides: PUSH Industries ElevenSix; Fox VAN RC Stealth PUSH MX tune, Fox Float 36 PUSHed, Fox Float 34 PUSHed

For questions about Fox Shocks, XFusion, BOS suspension and Vorsprung products – speak to Murray

Adam 'that's amazing' Wickam

Adam is a bike industry stalwart and he was always going to be working here at TF Tuned fixing suspension, it was only a matter of time. As the personification of excitement and positivity Adam will take on anything that’s broken -no matter how shonky - and then make it work. When he’s not fettling suspension (or computers in his spare time) he rides his Kingdom Switch mostly up, down and along his favourite local trails.

Adam rides: DVO Diamond; Cane Creek DB Coil

For questions about Cannondale, Marzocchi & DVO suspension – speak to Adam

'Rusty' Russ Newell

Russ has bike trade blood flowing through his veins and his knowledge of ‘back in the day’ parts means that he’s as happy chewing the ‘retro cud’ as he is extoling the virtues of the latest charger damper. It’s fair to say that injury and breakages mean that Russ’s relationship with his bikes is fleeting at best and further complicated by the limits of XL sizing availability! This year we expect to see him aboard a Transition Patrol, probably.

Russ rides: on just the air in his tyres

For questions about RockShock Shocks & Reverbs – speak to Russ

Greg 'comeback kid' Marshall

Greg has always enjoyed going fast. We think it has something to do with his Motorsports degree and running 60psi in his tyres! Greg is an expert with the dyno machine but is equally at home managing the technicians’ daily work using a low tech whiteboard and marker pen. Greg began his biking career as a dirt jumper but has now happily progressed from neatly cut dirt jumps to the roots and rocks of the trail. Greg rides a ridiculously bright Mondraker – apparently everything on his bike matches perfectly…

Greg rides: Fox Float 34 PUSHed; Manitou Mattoc; Cane Creek DB Coil

For questions about DT Swiss suspension and wheel servicing – speak to Greg

'Dr' Dave Attewell

Dave is far too qualified to work at TF Tuned, but luckily for us it was decided that his vast experience of the bike industry and passion for fixing things was more important; although he will always be ‘Dr Dave’ in the workshop. Dave is a cyclist to the core and manages to combine ridiculous commuting miles with an enviable turn of speed on the trail, whether it’s on his Transition Scout or the burlier Transition Patrol. Either way, he’s just plain fast.

Dave rides: RockShox Pike & Lyriks; Fox VAN RC PUSH MX tune; Cane Creek DB Coil

For questions about RockShox Forks – speak to Dr Dave

'Ruthie' Ruth Thomas

Ruth works with Ian on the business side and masquerades as him when he disappears off on holiday – she ain’t fooling anyone! Ruth looks after a bit of everything including the website, newsletters & marketing, service orders and keeping the office running smoothly. She’s been riding mountain bikes since ‘before suspension’ which is probably why she loves her Nicolai Ion 16 and Dialled Alpine just a little too much.

Ruth rides: Fox Float 36 PUSHed; Fox Float X PUSHed; RockShox Pike RCT3

For any office/invoice related or web sales queries – speak to Ruth

'D-Bag' Dee Langan

Dee ensures that all TF’s service jobs are invoiced and despatched efficiently and on time. She’s also a whizz at processing our warranty paperwork and chasing down missing product codes and proofs of purchase! Dee may be new to mountain biking – she’s got a lovely shiny Trek hardtail to hone her skills on – but she’s also a seasoned cyclist who loves nothing more than touring new places on two wheels.

For all service job admin queries – speak to Dee

Al 'yeah I'm fine thanks' Mackinlay

Al is our 'behind the scenes' techy whizz person. Al is the mastermind responsible for TF's super efficient booking system and he keeps all our key hardware functioning correctly. If something breaks, goes wrong or we really don't know how to fix it, we call Al. When he's not doing clever things with websites for all his other clients Al can be found tweeting about everyday life, riding round Longleat on his Pact Battlecat 29" or his Nukeprooff Mega and being a BC/UCI Commissaire at the races ... we have no idea how he fits it all in.

Al rides: RockShox Pike RCT3; Cane Creek DB Air


Josh manages all the arrivals, unpacking/packing and despatch of serviced suspension and web sales at TF Tuned. He can also be found working on the lathe, counting stock and keeping the workshop spick and span! Josh’s riding preference is for street based BMX, but since working at TF he has been spotted building up a hardtail … it was only a matter of time.