Motion Control Knob

Motion Control Knob Aluminium
Motion Control Knob Carbon (BBMC)

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2009+Motion Control Knob AluminiumMotion Control Knob Carbon (BBMC)


Main Features: SID, Reba, Revelation, Pike.

Motion Control 2009+ RockShox Motion Control Knob Kit.  Comprises blue compression knob, Flood Gate Adjuster and O-Ring.  Fits 2009 SID, Race, Reba, Revelation.

Motion Control Knob, Aluminium. RockShox Motion Control Knob Kit. Aluminium.  Fits Revelation and Reba 2005-2008 models and all Pikes.

Motion Control Knob, Carbon.  Black Box Motion Control (BBMC).  RockShox Motion Control Knob Kit. Comprises carbon-effect compression knob and Flood Gate Adjuster.  Fits 20009 SID and Reba forks with BBMC.

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Motion Control Knob

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