Fox Shocks

TF Tuned rear shock services include all new seals, oils, bushings, and replacement mount kits as necessary.

Interested in customising your ride with a PUSH tune?

See our PUSH pages for a full list of the prices and options for Fox Shocks.

Model Price
Vanilla, Vanilla R, RC, RL  Service  £89
Float, R, RL, RLC, RP2,3,23, DRCV, RPL, Auto-Sag, Septune, Triad, CTD, CTD BV Adj, Float X, X2  Service  £99

Float Shock Upgrades


Float Shocks + PUSH Upgrade

CTD Evo Service, Upgrade + PUSH

Air Shock Service + PUSHima/Kashima Body upgrade

Air Shock Service + Kashima Upgrade (shock body & air can)

Air Shock Service + Kashima Upgrade (shock body & high volume air can - only suitable for shocks with 190mm/ 7.5" eye to eye length or longer)

Auto-Sag Air Shock Service + Kashima Upgrade (shock body & air can)

Float X2 Service + Compression Lever Upgrade











DHX 3/4/5, VAN R, VAN RC  Service  £99

DHX Service + Custom Valving

DHX Service +MX Tune

DHX Service + Kashima Shaft Upgrade




DHX RC2/ RC4  Service  £99

DHX RC2/RC4 PUSH Factory Tuning + Service

DHX RC4 PUSH Factory Tuning Elite + Service

DHX RC2/RC4 + Kashima + PUSH + Service

DHX RC4 + Kashima + Elite PUSH + Service






Fox Air Shock Replacement Shock Bodies and Air Cans

Damaged shock bodies and air cans can be individually replaced as part of a service, prices shown are in addition to the service charge. 

Or, if you would simply like to upgrade your existing shock to the PUSHima or Kashima versions, or the Evol can, then just choose the appropriate option on the service booking page.  

Shock Bodies and Air Cans                                                                                               Price
PUSH Body - standard                                                                              £32
PUSH Body - 'PUSHima' black £42
Fox Body - standard £32
Fox Body -Kashima £50
Fox Air Can - standard £37
Fox Air Can - standard High Volume £69
Fox Air Can - Kashima £65
Fox Air Can - Kashima - High Volume £97
Fox Evol Air Can - standard for any LV shock £65
Fox Evol Air Can - Kashima for any LV shock £103
Vorsprung Air Can £85


Please note - we do not service DHX Air Shocks, or the Vanilla DH remote