PUSHed Fox Shocks

PUSHed Fox Shocks

Every PUSH-tuned shock is unique and designed specifically for the rider and bike.

We fit the PUSH piston and configure PUSH shims to control the oil flow through the entire compression stroke, whilst taking into account your riding style and bike. So if, as an example, you want it active at the beginning of the stroke but with good mid-stroke support and ramping up at the end, also with less harsh rebound then the PUSH can be tailored to achieve this on your bike.

The end result is a shock which tracks the ground smoothly, responding to small bumps actively and giving endless-feeling travel, whilst retaining a good level of resistance to pedalling.

After this customised damper circuit has been configured, we can also offer the Big Hit Kit to provide a very gradual bottom-out control for more extreme applications. This extra option is particularly useful for riders using shocks with an extra-volume (XV) air can.

New PUSHed rear shocks individually prepped and set-up for you.

What we do to new shocks BEFORE you get them:

  • Strip, check for assembly faults, oil change using top grade fully-synthetic oil, ensure optimum function
  • Fit PUSH Factory Tuning internals including multi-stage shim stack specifically tuned for you
  • Set-up the shock for you, your bike and the way you ride
  • Supply correct mount kits so the shock is ready to fit and ride
  • Detail the set-up we've done for you on the back of the invoice, for your future reference

.. and it doesn't stop there:

  • We'll be there to help it through its long life with the best service back-up
  • We are the only authorised PUSH Factory Tuning Centre in Europe
  • Free delivery (mainland UK)

Not sure what's right for you, or can't find a certain rear shock? Just call us on 01373 826800 and one of our expert technicians will help you out.

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PUSHed Fox 2015 Float X CTD
PUSHed Fox 2015 Float X CTD
PUSHed Fox 2015 Float X Shock 
£599.00 inc VAT