All New TF Tuned Refresh kits - we've refreshed them!

All New TF Tuned Refresh kits - we've refreshed them!

Introducing the all new TF tuned refresh kits!

Rejoice - you happy home mechanics and suspension fettlers.  We've updated our ever popular TF Tuned Refresh kits to make it much easier to order what you need.

Our Lower Leg Refresh Kit range has expanded to include new brands and they are now available for:

  • Cane Creek
  • Fox - including the option to add 100ml Fox 5wt Teflon Infused Suspension Fluid for Fox forks with a GRIP or GRIP2 dampers (to save you forking out for the huge bottle ... pun intended!)
  • Ohlins
  • RockShox

what's in the box?

TF Tuned Fork Lower Lube mix

TF Tuned's proprietary mix of lower lube goodness to keep your forks running sweet - 100ml is plenty for several interim services. Ever popular, never bettered, it's our workshop lower lube of choice. 


Slick Kick is a lithium-free special grease for lubricating shock absorbers and forks. Slick Kick brings speed and ease of movement to your forks and shock absorbers on trails that demand high performance. Comes in a handy 50gm tube.


All Lower Leg Refresh kits come with SKF Fork Seal kits which are a fantastic upgrade on standard seals as they have been developed with a self-lubricating compound which provides enhanced friction reduction. Gives your fork that nice supple feel and they are green!

Advantages of the SKF seals;

  • Significantly improved riding comfort
  • Increased service life and performance
  • Enhanced water and dirt protection capability
  • Reduced wear and air suction
  • Compatibility with a wide range of OE and aftermarket oils

RSP Damp Champ suspension fluid

If you fancy going the extra mile then you can also choose to add fork damper fluid to your custom kit. Select the right weight RSP Damp Champ fluid for your fork by referring to the handy guide that we've provided on the product page. 

RSP Damp Champ is a specially developed, fully synthetic fork and shock absorber fluid that's ready for every challenge. It has anti-foam and wear-protection additives that ensure that you can use your bike easily and hassle-free on every terrain. Nice!

TF Tuned refresh kits come packed in our very own TF Tuned boxes and include TF stickers to complete the look of your freshly service fork.  Don't forget to keep the box as it's the perfect size for sending in a shock for servicing. And - last but not least - you get a 10% saving when you buy all these items together ... all the more reason to get fettling.

Don't forget to check out our media pages for help and guidance on lower leg servicing ... watch the experts at work!

Posted by Amy
18th August 2022

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