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Servicing Your Own Suspension

TF Tuned has built its business by employing only the best suspension technicians. Our technicians live and breathe suspension and work on it all day, every day.

Often they will discover complicated little challenges with a fork or shock that cannot be identified until the suspension is stripped down and cleaned. To ensure that you get the best performance from your suspension we recommend you have it serviced by one of our experts.

If you want to have a go yourself then we are happy to help - we can supply many parts and provide you with access to resources which will hopefully be of use to you.

Click here for oils, lubes and greases you may need, or browse our shop for seal kits and parts.

However if you are a novice servicer please don’t phone or email us asking us how you can service your own suspension. If you are confident in your own technical abilities, by all means give it a go but please don’t expect us to talk you through it step by step. Help and guides to some jobs can be found in our "Tech Help" section.

Below are links to other online resources – manufacturer service manuals for example – but really if you are in any doubt we would advise you to call up, book your suspension in with us and let our experts sort it out for you.


Rockshox Technical Manual Page

Fox Technical Manual Page

Marzocchi Technical Manual Page

PUSH Industries Support Page

Ohlins Support Page

Vorsprung Support Page