Performing a Lower Lube


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Performing A Lower Lube

Tools needed: Allen keys (various sizes), soft mallet, clean rags, lower lube and a measuring device, a small amount of grease, new seals and foams (if needed)


1: If you haven't already, drop the forks out of the bike and give them a quick wipe down.

2: Remove the rebound adjuster so you can get at both foot-nuts. On some forks, it is an interference fit and can be pulled out by hand, and on others you have to remove a clip first - check this in your manual before continuing.

3: Attach the fork horizontally in a steady grip, and undo the foot-nuts, but not all the way out.

4: Using a soft mallet, tap the foot-nuts to separate the lowers from the stanchions, then undo them fully and set them aside.

5: You should now be able to pull the lowers from the stanchions, and drain the old lower lube into an appropriate container for safe disposal. Push an old rag through the lowers to make sure they're entirely clean and there's no oil left over.

6: If needed you can now replace the seals and foams. Start by carefully levering the wiper seals out of the lowers, and then lift the oil seals and foams out.

7: When replacing the foams, soak them in lube to ensure smooth operation later on.

8: Push the seals back in, being careful not to damage the lip, and then apply some grease to them.

7: Slide the lowers back onto the stanchions, being careful not to fold the lip of the seal as you're sliding them on. Don't slide the lowers all the way up the stanchions yet.

8: Check your manual and measure out an appropriate amount of lube. Squirt the lube into the lowers using the holes at the bottom of each leg. It helps to have the fork at a slight angle for this step, to stop the lube from pouring back out.

9: Making sure the foot-nuts are aligned correctly with the damper and spring shafts, push the lowers further up onto the stanchions, replace the crush washers and do the foot-nuts back up.

10: Replace the rebound adjuster assembly and refit the fork.