How to install your TF Tuned Rockshox Pike Coil Conversion Kit


These are the tools you will need to successfully convert your Pike from an Air spring to a Coil spring.  

The TF Tuned Coil Conversion Kit includes 10mm vice clamps as part of the kit, but ideally you will also need:

  • Nylon Hammer
  • Torque wrench
  • Ratchet
  • 24mm socket (6 point)
  • Circlip pliers
  • Pick
  • 2.5, 4 and 5mm allen keys
  • Grease and Loctite

Step 1 Release footnuts

First step is to take the lowers off the upper tubes.  

Take the rebound dial off the damper leg using a 2.5mm allen key.

Then release both of the footnuts using the 5mm allen key leaving a couple of threads engaged.

Tap the footnuts using the nylon hammer to release the lowers from the internal shafts.

Remove the footnuts completely.

Step 2 Remove Lowers

Step 3 Release Air Pressure

Step 4 Remove Air Topcap

Remove topcap using a 24mm socket.

Step 5 Remove Circlip

Remove circlip from air base plate using circlip pliers.

Step 6 Remove Air Shaft

Remove air shaft from upper tubes.  

To help grip the shaft, you can thread in one of the footnuts and use it for purchase.

Step 7 You may want to wipe off excess grease

Step 8 Remove base plate and topout bumper

Step 9 Clamping the Air Shaft

Clean the shaft at the footnut end and install one of the existing foornuts - this is to reduce the possibility of the hollow shaft being compressed.

Step 10 Clamp the shaft

Using the shaft clamps, grip the air shaft

Step 11 Removing the Air Piston

A heat gun will help to release the locktite holding the air piston in place.

Using a 4mm allen key, unthread the piston bolt.  

Make sure the allen key is fully located because the piston bolt is made of aluminium - you don't want to round this piece out!

Step 12 Remove Air Piston Bolt

Preferably use a pick to remove the air piston bolt O-ring and then push the bolt out of the piston.

Step 13 Take the shiney, nice new bits from the box ready to install

Step 14 Install the Spring Perch

Install the spring perch by applying a small amount of grease to the air shaft (the old piston end).  

Standing the air shaft on a solid surface, place the piston bolt in the top of the spring perch and gently tap the spring perch until the bolt reaches the top of the thread. You'll then need to remove the bolt and gently tap the spring perch down futher, sufficiently to allow the piston bolt to be threaded on.


Step 15 Install Piston Bolt

Reinstall the air shaft into the shaft clamps.

Apply loctite (preferably red) to the thread of the piston bolt and then thread the piston bolt onto the air shaft using the 4mm allen key.

If the spring perch is not fully installed from being tapped in, the piston bolt will compress it into its correct location.

Step 16 Slide the (red) top out base plate over the air shaft

Step 17 Install Base Plate

Slide red base plate large end first into upper tube.

Then install the smalley clip/ring into the groove where the original circlip was.

Make sure the clip is fully seated in the groove (please note: this is a tight interference fit).

Step 18 Grease spring

Step 19 Fit Spring

Insert spring with the smaller diameter end at the bottom where it will sit over the spring perch when installed.

You will have been supplied with two springs, to cover the most likely weight that you would run. Before installing your spring, please use the below chart to pick the best spring for you:

Step 20 The spring will be fully hidden

Step 21 Install Pre-load Spacers

Install pre load spacer(s) inside top cap.  Most assemblies will run both spacers, but you may find that one is sufficient to hold the spring.

Step 22 Install Top Cap

Thread top cap on using a torque wrench set at 28 n/ms