Basic Air Can Maintenance


Tools are available here

Oils and Greases are available here

Seals and consumables are available here


1: Remove the mounts from the body end of the shock. This will allow the air can to slide over them later on.

2: Secure the air-can end of the shock in a set of soft-jaws, and let the air out

3: Unscrew the air can from its threads.

4: Carefully pull the air can from the body of the shock. There will be some suction as you remove it, which will eventually release; don’t let this surprise you.

5: Clean the seals with a fresh cloth, then set the air can aside.

6: Apply lubrication to the shaft and the body of the shock.

7: Slide the air can back over the body and push it up to meet the threads; air pressure in the can will give a small amount of resistance.

8: Screw the can up hand-tight; you shouldn’t need to use any tools to get it tight enough.

9: Pump the shock back up to pressure.

10: Re-fit your shock mounts and fit the shock back into the frame.