Fitting Your Forks

Tools Needed: Various sizes of allen key, bike stand (optional)

  • If you have one, secure the bike in its stand.
  • Start by sliding the fork up into the headtube.
  • Slide any spacers you had fitted onto the steerer tube.
  • Make sure the stem bolts are loose, then slide the stem down onto the steerer tube.
  • Do up the top-cap bolt by hand (do not tighten it yet!).
  • Tighten the stem bolts.
  • Check for play by holding the uppers and trying to move the forks back and forth.
  • If play is present, undo the stem bolts, and do the top-cap bolt up 1/4 turn, then tighten the stem bolts and try again.
  • Repeat the process until no play is felt.
  • Insert the wheel and secure it.

[If you have a brake caliper which uses shims for alignment, eg. Hope calipers, skip to the final step]

  • If you have a post-mount brake caliper, insert the bolts but do not tighten them. Make sure the brake rotor is between the brake pads, then pull the brake lever tightly to align the caliper.
  • Keeping the lever held, tighten the caliper bolts to attach it.
  • If your caliper uses shims for alignment, simply put the shims in place, slide the bolts into the caliper, and tighte