Non-serviced brands

We cover a wide range of service options, but there are some brands we don't support.

  • BOS Suspension: sorry we don't service BOS products
  • DT Swiss Wheels: please note we no longer provide service and warranty support (effective 15th March 2021) for DT Swiss Wheels.  Please direct all service and warranty queries to 
  • Maverick: contact John Atkins Cycles
  • Marzocchi 33/44/55, ATA, TST2, TST Micro systems models contact Silverfish
  • 5th Element: sorry, we no longer service 5th Element
  • Specialized: sorry, we no longer service Specialized branded forks and rear shocks contact Specialized UK
  • Suntour: we do not service Suntour suspension products
  • X-Fusion: contact Upgrade Distribution