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FSA Trek 1.8" to 1.5" Headset Reducer Crown
FSA Trek 1.8" to 1.5" Headset Reducer Crown
Replacement headset crown race Fits SUPTAP 55R/44 or 55R/35 Ebike Headsets (THOK) 1.5" steerer
£10.00 inc VAT
BikeYoke BarkeeperBikeYoke Barkeeper
BikeYoke Barkeeper
A great look and an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio are the main features of our Barkeeper stem. This fact is also due to the complex production of this high-quality masterpiece, which requires much effort and precision and involves various demanding tasks, such as Precise forging process Multi-tempering CNC machining of critical contact interfaces Shot peening for surface hardening Laser...
£90.00 inc VAT

BikeYoke Shock Pump
BikeYoke Shock Pump
With a maximum of 500psi, this pump allows higher pressures than most other pumps on the market.Ideal for your dropper seatpost or high pressure shocks. Features: High quality aluminum body with the ability to handle extra high pressure - up to 500psi Two-step valve prevents air loss when disconnecting from dropper, fork or shock Long stroke design for less pump effort Release button allows...
£32.50 inc VAT
BikeYoke GrippyBikeYoke Grippy
BikeYoke Grippy
It's a grip. OK, it's a bicycle grip.We can't and won't say it the best bicycle grip, because bicycle grips are a particularly personal thing.Be it damping, thickness, length, texture, shape, ... There are simply too many boxes to tick to make a grip your favourite, there simply can't be THE ONE, can there?Well, we did try to make a grip with a lot of features that we hoped would take away with some...
£25.00 inc VAT

BikeYoke Titanium Bolt Set for Barkeeper - M5x17mmBikeYoke Titanium Bolt Set for Barkeeper - M5x17mm
BikeYoke Titanium Bolt Set for Barkeeper - M5x17mm
BIKEYOKE screw set Bartender M5x17 mm Ti Torx for Bikeyoke Bartender stems | 4 piecesTuning screw set for Bikeyoke bartender stems. Super light titanium special screws with Torx tool holder. These screws are ideal for weight tuning your bartender stem.
£25.00 inc VAT
BikeYoke Topper - Headset TopcapBikeYoke Topper - Headset Topcap
BikeYoke Topper - Headset Topcap
An extremely nice-looking full aluminum headset topcap made in one piece.Laser engraved and then black anodized for a classy black in black matt/shiny finish. Weight: Feathery 5g
£16.00 inc VAT

BikeYoke Topper High - Headset Topcap
BikeYoke Topper High - Headset Topcap
Our extremely good-looking, feather-light all-aluminum headset topcap is now also available in a high version. It is made from one piece and has an integrated 5 mm spacer. Laser engraved and anodized in different colors for a classy matt/glossy finish.
£16.00 inc VAT
BikeYoke Aimy - Steerer ClampBikeYoke Aimy - Steerer Clamp
BikeYoke Aimy - Steerer Clamp
Aimy is a small but extremely useful little helper that makes working on your bike easier in two ways. Basically, it is just a spacer that is clamped around the steering tube of the fork. However, the highlight is that it also solves a known problem and prevents the fork from slipping out of the frame when stem and handlebars are removed from the bike. Another idea behind Aimy is the ability to align...
£16.00 inc VAT

BikeYoke SagmaBikeYoke Sagma
BikeYoke Sagma
BikeYoke Sagma 130mm 142mm Black, Blue, Pink, Orange and Lime Green .... (it's very bright!)
£140.00 inc VAT
Shifty is a small but extemely effective little device for your SRAM 1x11 or 1x12 rear derailleur.Particularly when riding in wet and muddy conditions, we found out, that SRAM rear deraillieurs lack shifting accuracy, due to the fact that the original pulley rotates with its plastic body on a steel axle.The pulley experiences extensive friction, when dirt, water or mud come into play and causes lack...
£33.00 inc VAT

We never just want to make something, that´s already there. We want to make something different, something better.Featuring a classy and costly CNC-Finish and a wonderful Titanium bolt, Squeezy is not just light with 7.9g @ 34.9/35mm. Unlike other seat clamps, Squeezy has a collarless design. Collars are basically just an installation aid, to prevent the clamp from sliding down the seat tube,...
£30.00 inc VAT
Don't forget your rubbers! Creaking is the worst and so it is not wonder, that you can see old inner tubes wrapped and zip-tied to seatposts and seattubes. This helps keep dirt and mud outside your frame, when you riding in muddy conditions. Surely, you´ve noticed your seat-clamp covered in loads of mud after a wet ride. Willy does not more, but also not less than the DIY old-tube-zip-tie-solution,...
£10.00 inc VAT