Removing Your Shock

Tools needed: Bike stand (optional); Allen keys (various sizes)

Removing the shock:

  • If you have one, secure the bike in its stand.
  • You may find it easier to remove the shock if you take off any preload on the spring by turning the spring adjuster anti-clockwise until it is putting no pressure on the spring.
  • Use an allen key to loosen the lower bolt which secures the shock to the frame, but do not take it out yet.
  • Supporting the rear wheel, undo the lower bolt fully, and slide it out. It may require some persuasion with a tap from a hammer, but do not be too  vigorous. Take note of any spacers which are on the bolt.
  • When you remove the shock bolts, your must support the rear swing-arm to avoid it hitting the frame and causing damage. Do not let the rear swing arm hang suspended by any gear cables or hydraulic hoses.
  • Having made sure the rear swing arm is well supported, you can then go ahead and remove the upper shock mount bolt, at which point the shock should be free to be removed