Cane Creek

Cane Creek FAQs

What's done during a TF Tuned service?

Before any service work is carried out the shock is cleaned and hand dyno'd to check its operation. It's then stripped and all oil seals/O-rings are removed prior to cleaning the individual parts in a chemical bath. Once cleaned and dried the parts are inspected. Next, we fit new Cane Creek nitrogen and oil seals. Then we assemble everything in accordance with the Cane Creek/TF Tuned procedures, fill with recommended Ohlins oil, charge with nitrogen and fit the spring. Once more to the hand dyno where we set the adjusters to match rider weight and bike and test for optimal performance.

What does the Valve Upgrade do?

Whilst we have the shock apart to service it, we upgrade the high and low speed adjusters to the latest specification. The old-style ones are slotted, and new ones are crossed. The new adjusters give a wider tuning range.

Can you modify my shock to any length?

Whilst we have the shock apart to service it, we can fit shorter or longer shafts and bodies (and, in some cases, reservoirs) to suit different bikes. We have these parts for most standard sizes. Prices will vary according to which parts you need. Call us to discuss.