Cane Creek DB Air

Cane Creek DB Air

Not sure what's right for you, or can't find a certain shock? Just call us on 01373 826800 and one of our expert technicians will help you out.

New Cane Creek rear shocks are individually prepped and set-up for you.

What we do to new shocks BEFORE you get them:

  • Strip, check for assembly faults, ensure optimum function
  • Set-up the shock for you, your bike and the way you ride 
  • Supply correct mount kits so they're ready to fit and ride on your bike (for an additional £20) 
  • Detail the set-up we've done for you on the back of the invoice, for your future reference

.. and it doesn't stop there:

  • We'll be there to help it through its long life with the best service back-up
  • We are the UK Cane Creek Warranty centre and can keep you up to date with all new developments and upgrades
  • Free delivery (mainland UK)
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Cane Creek DB AirCane Creek DB Air
Cane Creek DB Air
Cane Creek Double Barrel Air
£550.00 inc VAT
Cane Creek DB Air 240x76
Cane Creek DB Air in 240x76
Was £550.00 Now £380.00 inc VAT

Cane Creek DB Air Specialized Enduro
Cane Creek DB Air for Specialized Enduro in 215x63 and 216x57.5 
Was £550.00 Now £380.00 inc VAT