The Bike Yoke SAGMA has arrived!

The Bike Yoke SAGMA has arrived!

Introducing the all new BIke Yoke SAGMA!

Those creative bods at Bike Yoke have been at it again.  This time they've applied their tech genius to the comfort of your posterior with the launch of the SAGMA saddle. 

The SAGMA comes in two widths 130mm and 142mm.  If you like nothing better then grinding over hill and dale then opt for the 142mm.  If your riding is more gravity oriented, and you are out of the saddle a lot, then the 130mm is for you, giving you lots of clearance on the long descents.

The SAGMA comes with idbead [TM] foam technology and a carbon reinforced shell.  It also features exchangeable shock absorber units with different hardness allowing you to really customise the feel of your saddle.  The saddles are lightweight 210-220g depending on the version you choose.

Avaiable to buy now from our webshop.

Don't forget we also stock the fantastic - 10/10 - performing Bike Yoke seatposts and a range of Bike Yoke accessories






18th February 2020

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