Mount Kits and Bushings, Fitting & Removing

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Removing An Old Mount Kit

1: Use an easy-out mounted in a vice to remove the old reducers. Gently press down on the shock while turning anti-clockwise to engage the easy-out helix.

2: Keep turning anti-clockwise and pull the shock upwards, the reducer should then come out without damaging the shock eyelet. Repeat for the other side.

Removing and Replacing Eyelet Bushing 

1: Place the RSP tool cup with the tapered end facing the shock eyelet, then slide the press shaft through the bush and engage it in the cup.

2: Either using a vice or a soft-faced hammer, push the old bush out of the eyelet. It will be pushed into the receiver cup of the RSP tool.

3: Turn the RSP tool cup over so that the straight sides are facing the shock eyelet, then place the new bush on the press shaft. Line up the bush with the eyelet and engage the drift shaft in the cup.

4: Fit the new bush by tightening the vice, or beat it in using a soft faced hammer, whilst ensuring that the bush goes in straight (this is important when fitting a polymer bush, otherwise you may shave material off the outside).


Fitting A Heavy Duty Mount Kit 

1: Push the steel axle into the shock eyelet. To avoid damage to the bush (especially if using a DP or DU coated bush) ensure you push it squarely with a vice, or tap it in gently with a soft-faced hammer. A cloth in the vice jaws will protect your eyelet’s paint from scratches.

2: Rotate the shock up and down whilst applying force to slide it across until it’s located in the middle of the axle.

3: If you have rubber sealing rings place, one either side of the eyelet, then slide an alloy spacing sleeve onto each side of the steel pin/axle.

4: Using a vice or soft faced hammer, centralise the shock on the mount kit axle. Re-fit shock into frame and go ride!