RockShox Shocks & Seatposts

 TF Tuned rear shock services include all new seals, oils, bushings, and replacement mount kits as necessary.

TF Tuned seat post servicing includes all new oil, internal & dynamic seals and post keys as necessary. Please note we keep Reverb servicing economical by holding parts prices at cost - a technician will always call and discuss options if you need additional parts that fall outside a standard service. 




Monarch/ DebonAir* Service (2014 onwards)


Monarch Plus/ DebonAir Service 

         - Monarch Plus RC3 (2014 onwards) Service + Vorsprung Tractive Tuning 


Deluxe/ Super Deluxe Air/Coil Service

         - Super Deluxe Air/Coil Service + Vorsprung Tractive Tuning

         - Deluxe / Super Deluxe AIR Service + Meg Neg Air Can Upgrade


*please call for servicing RockShox Deluxe Re:Activ/Re:Activ Thru Shaft shocks - this is due to part availability*






 * Please note - we cannot currently service Vivid Coil shocks and we can no longer service  Vivid Air shocks or Monarch shocks with the swivel valve and number suffixes e.g. 4.2/4.3 or pre 2014.  If you are at all unsure please call us before booking.




















Reverb (including Stealth) Service