Fitting a RockShox U-Turn spring

We offer a downloadable PDF version of this guide with photos here

1. Using a 2.5mm allen key remove U-Turn adjuster knob taking care not to lose the 3 ball bearings and detent springs (tip: use a magnet)

2. Use 24mm socket to undo spring top cap

3. Hold the fork horizontally for the rest of the procedure to prevent oil from leaking out of the lowers…. Use 5mm Allen key to unscrew lower foot bolt by approx 5mm. Use a soft hammer to hit the end of the bolt to free the spring plunger from the lowers – be careful not to hit the lowers!

4. Undo foot bolt completely and pull spring out from the top

5. Lightly grease the new spring especially around the plunger helix (moving part). Slide new spring into the upper tube aligning the plunger with the lower foot bolt hole. Insert and tighten foot bolt using 5mm allen key to 7Nm

6. Using the 24mm socket engage top cap & tighten (be careful not to cross thread top cap). Drop the detent springs evenly spaced around top cap into their holes & then place ball bearings on top.

7. Lightly grease detents on underside of U-turn adjuster knob before refitting. Using 2.5mm Allen key tighten U-turn knob in position.